Reduce your plastic use & create less waste – You’ll find loads of information right here, including where to shop, what you can do & local initiatives you can get involved in.  Please get in touch if you have ideas on things to include.

What's NEW

Turn The Tide

Turn The Tide have just created a fabulous resource for us all to use to find out where we can take items to be recycled locally. Here’s a link to their interactive map & information. If you know of any other items being collected locally, please let them know. 
Turn The Tide – Local Recycling

Find Out More

No More Plastic by Martin Dorey

I read this little book in 2018 as I began my own journey to reduce the plastic use in our home. The first changes we made can be credited to Martin’s book. Changing to soap from plastic soap dispensers, using my very last piece of clingfilm & many a 2 minute beach clean that first summer.Website

A Plastic Ocean

A Plastic Ocean – trailer You can enjoy the film in full on Netflix & Amazon. The Producer Jo Ruxton lived in Portishead & I was lucky enough to hear her do a talk locally. She also brought along a jar of plastic rubbish found in the stomach of an albatross – it was a real eye opener & very shocking to see.

Drowning in Plastic

In October 2018 BBC showed this documentary for the first time. It was able to take the message from A Plastic Ocean which was released two years earlier, & get it out to a wider audience.  Website

War On Plastic – with Hugh & Anita

June 2019 – it’s time to sit down to watch, learn & be inspired to make more changes in our own lives. This time rather than a one-off documentary, we have a whole series. I actually reached for a box of tissues watching the first episode, I was so upset. Hugh visited an illegal recycling factory in Malaysia, only to find mountains of OUR rubbish just left behind.Website

REDUCE - Plastic Free Shopping

Simply Green Zero Waste (Nailsea)

Come & fill your own containers & browse the other items on offer. Simply Green Zero Waste opened their shop in Nailsea in 2019. You’ll be able to buy as little or as much as you need. You can also shop online, which has been a really handy option for many local customers.FacebookWebsite

A Better Weigh (Clevedon)

What a better way to use less packaging (pardon the pun). Bring along your own containers to be filled up with your weekly essentials. A Better Weigh opened in Clevedon in June 2019 & provides a great way of reducing packaging from your shopping.Facebook

Scoop and Spice (Yatton)

SCOOP & SPICE is a family run business with health food shops in Yatton and Winscombe. They offer a range of natural whole-foods and household cleaning products underpinned with a strong ethos of being healthy, ecological, and Fairtrade wherever possible. When I visited the shop I was told they have been going for 11 years!FacebookWebsite

Long Ashton Post Office (Long Ashton)

I’ve been told Long Ashton Post Office has some great products as well as being a refill station for both EcoverFaith In Nature. When I get time to pop in myself, I’ll find out about everything they offer.  Website 

The Plastic Free Shop (Online – Bristol based)

Cath is the founder of The Plastic Free Shop, an online store based in Bristol. Her mission is to source ethical and sustainable alternatives to help reduce the amount of plastics in our everyday lives. Cath says the whole experience should be creative and fun – not about going round replacing everything plastic for the sake of it – that would be counter productive. It’s about acting on the intention by making the best choices we can that reflect our budget and lifestyle.  Website 

Leigh Court Farm

Fruit & veg boxs, dairy, eggs & bread deliver to your door. Many of the vegetables are grown locally too.Website 


We love Claire’s beautiful shop & we’re pleased to see she’s got the plastic free bug too & is now stocking some great products such as: bamboo toothbrushes; eco cups; natural sponges; soap dishes. She’ll be extending this range, so pop in to see what she has, or ask if there’s something you’d like to see on the shelves.Website 


Friday Market – weekly at The Poacher, Portishead

Saturday Family Market – weekly at The Old Mill, Portishead

Portishead Farmers Market – monthly at Waitrose Piazza, Portishead

REDUCE - just borrow what you need

Cake Tins & more – Icing on the Cake

As well as specialising in cake decorating parties & workshops, I’m also happy to loan out equipment for you to make your own celebration cakes. You can loan lace mats, cake displays & cake tins. I also provide you with information on the quantities of ingredients required for the different sized tins.

See my Facebook Page or check out my Website for more details

Cake Tins & more – Heaven on the Hill

Sam & Vicki love creating fabulous celebration cakes for you, but they’re also happy to loan out equipment to help you create your own masterpiece. You can loan cake tins, cake stands & even vintage crockery.

See my Facebook Page for more details

Books etc – North Somerset Libraries

North Somerset Council provide libraries right across the county. You can borrow books, audio books & dvd’s.Website

Check out these extra services to loan both digital & audio books with your library membership too.Borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks free from your library using the Borrow Box app.Accessing your libraries digital collection has never been easier –  Cloud Library app.

Glass Loan & Fish Kettle Loan

If you’re having a big family party or organising a small event, there’s no need to buy boxs of glasses you’ll end up putting in the back of a cupboard, you can hire them here. Website 

China, Linen, Glass, & Catering Equipment –  Butterflies

No need to buy boxs of stuff which will end up in the back of a cupboard for years, simply loan what you need for your event or party from Butterflies. Website 

Tent & Camping Accessories –  KC Camping

You can buy cheap tents anywhere, but they all end up in the same place before long, & that’s landfill. Why not simply hire one for your camping adventure. Website 

Washable Nappies –  North Somerset Nappies

If you’d like to give washable nappies a go, you can loan a nappy kit from North Somerset Nappies to give them a try.  Website 

Bike Box Hire –  Bike Box Online

In my quest to find local places that hire stuff, this is so far the most unusual. Incase you didn’t know (like me), it’s a box you can store your bike in while travelling. You can hire them from various UK locations, but they luckily have a hire hub in Portishead.  Website 

Loan Bike Scheme –  Better By Bike

Borrow a bike for up to a month for FREE. It’s a great way to give it a try before you splash out on a bike. Website 

to be added soon:
Party plates & cups – High Down Infants PSA

REDUCE - Alternatives to Plastic

Portishead Town Council – Allotments

Skip the packaging completely & grow your own. Portishead Town Council manage 4 allotments & rent them to residents of the town. If you can’t get your own allotment, or don’t have enough time to manage one, why not offer to help someone with their allotment. Website

Refill – App

Rather than buy yet another plastic bottle, use your own reusable one. If you’d like a refill at a shop, venue or cafe etc, just pop in & simply ask. If you’re not quite brave enough to ask anywhere at all, or want to be sure of a positive response, then just use this super handy app or look out for these windows stickers. Staff there will be happy to refill your bottle for you. (Recommended by Vicki) Website

Cheeky Wipes

Alternatives to disposables: Wet Wipes, Breast Pads, Sanitary Pads, Make Up Pads & more. Cheeky Wipes was launched in 2007 by a UK mum & you can buy online. (Recommended by Kelly) Website 

Beeswax Wraps by Rachael

You’ve had enough of clingfilm & plastic sandwich bags, here’s a great alternative. Facebook Page 

Beeswax Wraps by Hives & Herbals

It’s time to ditch the clingfilm & sandwich bags. Hives & Herbals make beautiful beeswax wraps from their own beehives in Bristol. Website 

North Somerset Nappies

If you’re looking to try reusable nappies North Somerset Nappies will be happy to help. They can show you different types of reusables, you can borrow a kit & you can find out all about the difference you can make.Website

Upcycled Products

Portishead Seaglass

Beautiful jewellery & charms made from seaglass found on Portishead beaches. Website

REUSE - give to someone else to use

Food Bank

You’ve changed to caffeine free, but still have two jars of your old coffee in the cupboard. You bought that multipack of cereal, only to find it’s not their favourite anymore. You can always use it anyway, but if you think it’s gonna spend any time sitting at the back of your cupboard, why not pass it onto someone who will use it. There are many places you can drop off your donations:Pill Foodbank  – donation points at The Salvation Army, Pill Resource Centre & local churches.Clevedon & District Foodbank  – many donation points, inc: Waitrose, Portishead. (website not working when I added this, will check when it’s functioning again)

Recycle old glasses

You’ve got your new specs, & what happens to your old ones? Back of the drawer in their case? In the bin? Why not drop them off at a local collection point so they can go on to help someone else. I’ve added the link to Vision Aid Overseas who can reuse them. The other option is to get new lenses put into your old glasses. Your opticion may offer this service, & there are online businesses who can do this for you.Website 

Baby Bank Network

The Baby Bank Network do an amazing job collecting & distributing items from families who have things going spare, to families who desperately need them. It’s a good idea to contact them to ask what items they are currently looking for.  Website 

School Shoes

SoleLution who have a shop both on Portishead High Street & in Clifton, collect used school shoes every year to take to Africa, for other children to wear. The shoes must still be good wearable condition, & the shop assistants can check them for you when you drop them in.  Website 

Recycle - items to be collected for recycling

North Somerset Council

North Somerset Council provide a wide range of services for both the disposal of general waste & collection of recyclable waste. As there can be changes in both the processes available & the providers of the service, it’s worth keeping an eye on their website to see what & how waste is currently collected & how it actually goes on to get recycled elsewhere.Website

Turn The TideTurn The Tide – Local Recycling Points

Turn the Tide have put together this list of what is currently being collected locally. It has a handy map & list. If you know of other items currently collected, please let them know.Website

Eco Bricks

Ecobricks are a means for individuals to take personal responsibility for their plastic by containing it and turning it into free building materials that can be given back to the local community. Website

Also check out this Bristol Facebook Page Bricking-it 


Collection points for various types of packaging which are not widely collected by local authorities. Website