How Portishead Parent was born:

Hi, I’m Katina, and I’ve got three babies – my big boy (10), my little boy (8), and Portishead Parent! I moved to Portishead in 2009, just six weeks before my eldest was born. It was an exciting time, but challenging too, as I settled into my new home and my new role as a mum. During those early years of parenthood, local groups became my lifeline. They helped keep me sane, they gave me a reason to leave the house, and I made some lovely new-mum friends who helped open up my world. I soon found myself volunteering with Café Mamma and NCT, and discovered that I absolutely loved supporting other parents and giving them a way to connect with each other and find the same lifeline I’d found in the local community.

An online resource for local families

In March 2015 I decided to set up a Facebook group for Portishead parents where we could let others know about upcoming events, gather local knowledge, ask questions and gain support and encouragement from each other.

The response was overwhelming. New people joined every week and soon it became clear we needed more than a Facebook group. This is how the website was born: a hub of useful information covering everything from toddler groups and days out, to support groups and local independent shops. In fact, just about everything a Portishead Parent needs to know. It’s just as useful for parents living in the surrounding North Somerset & Bristol areas too.

My goal was – and still is – to provide a source of support, inspiration, encouragement and good old fashioned fun for parents, grandparents and carers. Somewhere to find ideas for things to do, and to help you through those early years, with the most up-to-date information.


Meet the rest of the family

Of course, running a thriving website is a lot like raising a family – it takes an awful lot of hard work! Which is why I couldn’t possibly do it all on my own. There are some fantastic local people who have helped to make Portishead Parent what it is today.

Kate Tierney – web designer

Kate designed my original website & although she’s gone onto pastures new, I still need to give her a big credit here xx

Rin Hamburgh & Co, copywriter

Rin is a fellow Freelance Mum, juggling raising two-year-old twins with running a growing copywriting agency. She started her writing career as a journalist and still contributes articles to the Guardian and Psychologies. These days she uses the same journalistic skills to create compelling marketing copy for her clients – websites people actual want to read, blog posts that inform and entertain, scripts for videos and animations. Her goal is to rid the world of bad copy, after which she will most likely retire to the countryside and write novels.

Anorak Cat, web design & care

With my original web designer moving onto pastures new, I had to find someone new to help me keep the website looking fresh & keep it secure. Amy is a fellow Freelance Mum & along wth her husband Richard they are Anorak Cat. They not only specialise is web design, but also in web security. With an increasing number of businesses advertising on the website I also needed to make sure the website was secure.

Clare Rix, photographer

I met Clare at a toddler group not long after she moved to Portishead. She was a full-time mum to a three year old and a one year old, and with no friends or family nearby, needed the support of the local parenting community. We’ve ended up becoming great friends and when I told her that I needed a logo for Portishead Parent, she stepped up to help. Clare is currently enjoying her new career as a photographer.