It was tricky to find all the local Facebook Groups for parents who’s children are starting school this year, but I’ve done my best with lots of help from you. I’m pleased to say I now have details for all 9 local schools!!

Facebook Groups (could be What’s App etc) for each years intake are usually set up by parents themselves to be able to keep in touch with each other.  They act like a ‘virtual playground’ where you can ask questions & I can assure you, there is always someone else thinking the same thing, as well as someone who is happy to share the answer.

Just request to join the group where your child has been given a school place. You may have questions to answer before you are approved to join your group, as they are ONLY for school year parents, so they will be checking you are legit. Some groups may currently be ‘public’ while they wait until most parents join, but likely to all soon be ‘private’, so you can then discuss things in your own space.

Are using a What’s App Group

Send a PM to Natasha Brian on Facebook for details (she is a member of Pill Kids Talk)

St Mary’s
Will set up a What’s App Group the week school begins
“They have a general Facebook Group called ‘Portbury Parents’ run by the parents. Parents that are starting at St Mary’s on the first day of school meet a parent who already has a child in the school and will set up a What’s App group.”

Simply click on the school logo to go to the Facebook Group

If you’re not already part of it, you’ll be more than welcome to join the Portishead Parent community over in the Facebook Group Portishead Parent Talk (bump to 11 years).