It’s exciting when you have their place at school confirmed & you can start sorting out their uniform & everything they need for the next part of their journey. This year will be much more memorable than any other. While you might have to wait a little while to meet up with your child’s new classmates in a large group or indoors, why not arrange some smaller outdoor play dates or picnics to get to know everyone. You can at least join the Facebook Group for your school year to keep in touch with other parents with children in the same year. These groups are usually set up by the parents themselves. The school will send you all the official information you need, but these groups provide a way of sharing information, answering questions & helping each other out. They act like a ‘virtual playground’. Many parents will have older ones, so they’ll be able to help you out with what you need to know, & if you want to ask a question it’s likely there’s a number of other parents thinking the same thing.
Simply request to join the group where your child has been given a school place. You may have questions to answer before you are approved to join your group, as they are ONLY for school year parents. Some groups may currently be ‘public’, but likely to all soon be ‘private’, so you can then discuss things in your own ‘virtual playground’.    **I’m adding each schools details as I find them**

If you’re not already part of it, you’ll be more than welcome to join the Portishead Parent community over in the Facebook Group Portishead Parent Talk (bump to 11 years).