It may have been a while since you visited your favourite attraction, so here’s a little reminder about when your little ones can still get in for FREE.

We all love to take our kids out for the day, but don’t forget we need to get out for ourselves too. As adults (& parents) there are things which help us to feel good. We can improve our wellbeing by spending time in nature. It’s also good for us to keep learning new things, we could do a short course, listen to a TED talk or find out something new at a museum. Connecting with others & taking time out from the days chores can also be really good for us. We’re lucky to have some great places to visit locally, so why not have a think about where YOU would like to go today & somewhere your little one, or little ones, can get in for FREE. It does not matter if you have a baby who’s a few weeks old, weather they are asleep in their buggy or sling the whole time you’re there, or just feeling a bit cranky & not interested in art or the new baby lemurs. You need to get out & have a nice day yourself.
To help you chose, here’s some of our favourite attractions & when you need to pay for a child ticket. If they have a birthday coming up, you might just want to make the most of them getting in for free for the last few times.

Who starts charging on their 2nd birthday 


Who starts charging on their 3rd birthday

Who starts charging on their 4th birthday

Who starts charging on their 5th birthday

Who’s always FREE for you & your children