6 years of being my favourite diary

It was only 4 years ago I was dragged kicking & screaming into the world of the smart phone. You’d never know it now, as you’ll find me using it all the time. To be honest, I couldn’t run Portishead Parent without my pocket sized tech. 

One thing I won’t change is my Mum’s Office diary – well, I’ve changed the colour & the size as you can see, but moving to a digital diary on my phone does not work for me.  I’ve been using a Mum’s Office diary for 6 years now & I can’t manage without it. I prefer to use a pencil & rubber with my diary. It’s so much neater when you want to change appointments & entries.

Over the years Mum’s Office have expanded their range to include all sorts of new stationary. They now make everything from a Pregnancy & Baby Diary, Recipe Book, Financial Diary, & a Blox Diary not focused on Mums at all, but with the same amazing grid format, & columns for all the things important to you. They work equally well as a business planner, as they do for organising a busy family life. I use mine for both business & family. I currently use the BIG Family Diary, but the smaller ones are lovely if you just need a small pocket sized version. 

Discount Code

Mum’s Office have been very generous to Portishead Parent over the years. They’ve given me discount codes & free diaries to give away to you, & this year they’re offering us a fabulous discount code. For once I’ve actually not ordered my own diary yet, so I’m looking forward to using the discount code myself.

15% off all orders over £15
Use Discount Code PP1915 at the checkout

This code is valid from the 2nd till 29th of September 2019

(Check me out using my 2016 Mum’s Office Diary, when I first launched Portishead Parent)