This has been a bit of a recurring theme for me recently, so I thought I’d share it with you. When I’m Peer Supporting at Cafe Mamma or chatting to new mums at Baby & Me, it’s fairly usual to expect that reassurance & encouragement are often what’s needed. It can make all the difference when someone is struggling or doubting themselves, just to be listened to, understood & reassured.

What I’ve noticed is, we all need a little reassurance & a confidence boost at times. I’m always chatting to people who want to try something new, start a new businesses, put themselves ‘out there’ or do something different. My message for you is Go For It – You Can Do It. Don’t worry about what people will think about it, if they will like it, if they will like you, or whatever.

Find a supporter
If you need a ‘pep talk’, I’m happy to meet up for a cuppa. But whoever you chose to chat to, find yourself a supporter, someone who will be pleased to hear your story & want to support you from the start.

Not sure if you have what it takes?
If you’re a parent, you’ll know exactly what it’s like to learn as you go, starting from zero. You knew nothing about it at the start, then you became the font of all knowledge on a whole variety of subjects. Being a parent gives you so many skills, you forget you can apply them to other things too. Multitasking, prioritising, organising, caring, empathising & coping with change. What a toolbox of skills to take to a new job, new business, new project or new challenge.

Don’t doubt yourself – Go for it !