It’s Volunteers Week. It’s a chance to think about all the volunteer groups & individual volunteers who have an impact on our lives. This year I thought it would be good to do a special Thank You to a couple of volunteer groups or individual volunteers. It was really popular the last time I did it, & I’m hoping it will be again this year.
Heaven on the Hill will be baking two cakes for the winners. They are sponsoring one cake & I’m sponsoring the other. If anyone fancies sponsoring or providing another cake please let me know, & I’ll pick even more winners.

We now have 4 cakes (so that’s 4 winners to pick)
Kindly Sponsored by:

Vicky & Sam – Heaven on the Hill
Katina – Portishead Parent
Ali – Ali Burlingham – Women’s Wellbeing
Kate Betteridge

You can nominate over on the Facebook Page or Facebook Group. You can also nominate by emailing me:

Simply nominate your favourite, or if you’d like to, you can tell me more about why you’ve made your choice.

One other thing we can all do, is to take a couple of minutes to go up to a volunteer & say ‘Thank You’ or maybe message them on their website, or Facebook Page. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it xx