It’s been on my to do list for ages, waiting for me to have time to actually do it. As that’s never going to happen, I waited for a really busy time & decided to just squeeze an extra project in anyway. The new Plastic Free Parent page is now up & running. It’s a useful resource for everyone to use, & to help you on your plastic reducing journey, weather you’re just starting to make changes, or deciding to make big changes. 
Here’s currently what’s included on the page:

  • What’s New
    I’ll highlight new research, local initiatives or top tips you’d like to share
  • Find out More
    Some ideas on where to get more information

Coming in your front door

  • Borrow
    things you can loan locally, to save you buying even more stuff
  • Plastic Free Shopping
    where we can buy plastic free locally & online
  • Alternatives to Plastic
    finding something new to reduce our plastic use
  • Upcycled Products
    new products using old stuff

Going out of your front door

  • Give Away
    things you can give away to be used again by someone else
  • Recycling
    collection points for things which can be recycled elsewhere 

I can say for certain that this page will be ever changing, as I find new information to share, & you tell me about great plastic free products & inititives you know about. You’ll see that the section on Recycling is the very last one. If we can shop more effectively, use less & buy recycled items etc, there will be a whole lot less stuff needing to be collected for recycling or going to landfill. I’m sure our children will look back in years to come & not believe we actually bought veg wrapped in plastic & carried home our shopping in plastic bags. Let’s help that change & be part of the solution to the problem. Vote with your feet if you can. Make the changes you can make & please don’t stress about what you can’t change & what you can’t afford to change. If buying loose veg is more expensive or you’d rather use disposable nappies for whatever reason, just carry on. Simply make the changes that are doable for you. You may just find those little changes lead to more & more & that makes a big differance.

I’ve visited two new business locally, one based in Nailsea & the other in Clevedon. They both sell loose produce & plastic free alternatives. You’ll be able to read my article on them both very soon. If you can’t wait to read it, why not pop along & visit them.

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