Thinking about your Summer holiday & wondering what you need to take? You know you’ve got some Euros left over, & they could be anywhere by now – in their toy shop maybe, could be in their coin collection or in a unicorn purse somewhere.  Infact, where are the passports?

Sunhats & Sunglasses  – Where could they be?

With our super short British summer, who knows. They could be at the back of a drawer, under the sofa, or it might be worth checking the toy box.

Travel Wash – I guess it’s in the cupboard?

Seems sensible to have put it back in the cupboard with the other cleaning stuff – but it’s not there.
Where could it be, I know if I buy a new one, the old one will turn up the next day.

Phrase Books & Maps – I’m sure I know where I’ve put them.

Seemed totally organised to me to put the books back in the bookcase, but I think I’ve been in every room of the house now, searching for everything. There must be an easier way?

Wind up torches – No idea, have to go shopping

They love their own wind up torches & I got them some really cool ones last year. Wish I knew where they were now.

I got fed up with playing Hide & Seek for all those little bits & bobs I only ever need for the short British summer, or occasional trip. They are all too often small in size & easily lost or taken by the kids to play with. So I decided to make a Holiday Box. Now when I get back from a trip, it all goes back in the box, ready for next time. Now that is the theory anyway, but it beats rummaging around the house for hours or going shopping for the stuff all over again (totally not eco friendly).

Here are my top tips of things you could keep in your Holiday Box.

I’m sure you’ll have your own list, but I hope it helps you get sorted for the holidays easier & with less stress.

Important documents 

  • Passports
  • E111 cards
  • Travel Insurance (check if you have an annual policy, or one included in your bank account)
  • If you do have Travel Insurance with your bank account, just double check 1 – Does it cover where you are going (Europe or elsewhere) & for the length of time? 2 – Does it include the family members who are not on the back account e.g.- your children or partner, you can usually pay a top up to cover them.
  • Overseas Car Insurance documents
  • Your driving licence

Sunny weather stuff

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhats
  • Suncream
  • Bikini – I would imagine if you have one it’s rarely used, so keep it in the box, as goodness knows where it could be by now

Tech stuff

  • plug adapter for abroad
  • Car USB charger – don’t want your phone running out of charge when you’re finding your way with Google Maps, & maybe those on the back seat might be wanting some tech too, if it’s a long journey. You might also need an extra only USB cable to make things easier.

UK holiday

  • National Trust membership cards (that’s for all adults) & list of places nearby or enroute
  • Handy maps or guide books you’ve used before
  • Wildlife spotter books – seashore, birds, shells, fossils

Abroad holiday

  • Phrase books
  • Small size games, pack of cards
  • Ear plugs for flying

What handy things would you keep in your holiday box?