With the clocks going back it’s so tempting to just stay at home & cosy down for a while. Bryony from Water Babies would like to see us getting out there & beating the winter blues She has a passion for swimming & also understands how important it is that parents make time to exercise & socialise with other parents. 

Swimming away the blues

As the season changes it’s natural to want to pull up the duvet and hibernate. When barbecues and salads give way to warming stews, any impetus to get out and active starts to fizzle away.

And yet, getting active is exactly what we need to keep the winter blues at bay. While grabbing late autumn sunshine is a wonderful tonic, weaving swimming with your baby into your weekly schedule is a sure way to make sure you have an activity that your whole family can enjoy whatever the weather.

Get some exercise

Exercise releases feel good hormones whatever your age. It does wonders for your health and mood, which becomes even more important as colder weather creeps in. Characterised by mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy, winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a recognised condition that affects adults and children.

Helping regulate appetite and sleep patterns, an all-round work out like swimming is known to guard against mild depression or blues, including SAD and post-natal depression. Moving through the water is a brilliant cardio-vascular and strengthening workout for you and your baby: one half-hour Water Babies class can burn around 300 calories, and the nap your baby has afterwards goes some way to make up for that pre-dawn start!

Get social

Another wonderful tonic is time to relax and have fun with fellow-parents, whether that’s a chat over a coffee or taking part in an activity together (and then having a coffee!). For mums, that special support you get from other mums is so important that it even has its own word – mumpathy!

Activities, groups or classes where you bond with a group of other parents is a great way to form lasting friendships. The social side of meeting and swimming together is something many parents tell us they love about Water Babies, and many parents form life-long friendships in the pool.

Pure joy!

But it’s not just these blossoming friendships, it’s also the bond between you and your baby. Swimming with your baby is pure magic. For the time you’re in the pool together, you are completely focussed on one another, skin-to-skin in warm water. Afterwards you have a sense of having accomplished something; having spent your time well.

“Our Water Babies class is one of the most fun and bonding things I’ve done with my daughter,” said Charlotte, mum to Olivia who swam at Freeways pool by Leigh Court. “The creative, playful atmosphere of the class has built her confidence and now we can’t wait for our weekly splash!”

Portishead splash

Portishead has a special relationship with water. From the lake grounds to the marina, we’re surrounded by it. We have our gorgeous Lido for the summer months, and in the winter, the play pool at Parish Wharf is a great way to burn off energy.

At Water Babies, we’re very lucky to be able to use a toasty warm hydrotherapy pool just the other side of junction 19 by Leigh Court. The pool is low in chlorine and high in temperature – around 35⁰C, so perfect for the winter.

Winter swimming tips

Don’t let the cold weather put you off swimming! Take warm clothes and a hat for afterwards. Babies can swim with a cold, providing they are well in themselves. Give it 48 hours after sickness and/or diarrhoea, and give it a miss if baby has a temperature, ear or chest infection.

Our gentle, innovative classes gently progress your baby from first splash to proper swimming in half hour classes over 10-week chapters. We teach water confidence, safety and early swimming skills at Leigh Court on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as other venues in and around Bristol. Call 0117 946 6919 to find out more.