Did you know it’s National Baby Swimming Week this week?
Bryony from Water Babies would love to share the benefits of getting in the water with your little one, & explain why it’s so much more than just a fun thing to do together.

Amazing water

When you work with babies in water every day, the things you see become normal. But every now and again, it’s worth stopping and thinking about the incredible and numerous benefits of baby swimming.

The second ever National Baby Swimming week is about celebrating these benefits. Unlike any other activity, swimming is potentially life-saving, and it’s something babies can do before they can even sit up. Water gives them a unique chance to move fully and uninhibited, supporting them gently. You only have to see an eight day old baby uncurl from her foetal position to appreciate this.

This movement is critical to babies’ development. Experts in child development have a tick list of seventeen physical skills a child has to nail by the age of six or they will never achieve it. Swimming, athletics and gymnastics are the only three activities that practise all seventeen of these skills, but swimming is the only one we can do from birth.

Movement also stimulates baby’s growing brain. Babies’ brains grow rapidly inside the womb – when the baby is cocooned in water. After birth, restricting movement can prevent the brain making important connections. The range of movement a baby gets in water strengthens those connections, helping their cognitive development in that all-important first year.

But psychological benefits don’t stop there. Every week we see how bonding it is to have skin-on-skin in warm water with your baby. Studies at the German Sports College in Cologne show that baby swimming boosts their confidence and stimulates positive emotions. Water Babies parents tell us classes boost their confidence too – not just in the pool, but in parenting in general.

Physical benefits of healthy, regular exercise are perhaps a bit more obvious. It improves strength, coordination, balance, heart and lung health, fitness, and sleep and eating patterns. But those benefits don’t just last as long as you swim with your baby. A recent Water Babies survey showed that while the national average for 7-11 year olds able to swim 25 meters unaided is 55%, of ex-Water Babies it’s 92%.

So there are the academics. Have a look at the National Baby Swimming Week website to find out more about where swimmers are in terms of their physical, mental and emotional development compared to their non-swimming peers.

What we see in ours pools every day is truly magical. Newborns uncurl, babies splash, stretch, explore. Many of our tiny swimmers make their first independent movements in the water. Most of them show that they understand what their parents are saying to them for the first time, and lots say their first word in the pool.

Over the fourteen years we’ve been teaching babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in and around Bath, we’ve seen countless babies and parents reap huge benefits from taking swimming classes with our highly qualified teachers. Sadly, far too many young children are missing out on all the positive benefits that come with swimming simply because they never learned this potentially life-saving skill.

National Baby Swimming week is wonderful chance to spread the word and get as many babies in the area as possible enjoying the water.

Water Babies teaches innovative, fun, gently progressive classes built around the latest in child aquatic developments. Our lessons in warm, private pools take place at Freeways Pool in Abbott’s Leigh, just the other side of junction 19, as well as other locations in and around Bristol and North Somerset.

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