I’m so excited to be adding the Food For Thought blog as a regular slot on Portishead Parent.
It’s taken me quite a while finding the right people to share valuable information with us. When your best friend’s been a Dietician for 22 years, you’ve got to get everything past her for approval first. At last I’ve managed to find not one, but two local mums who pass the test! They both live in Portishead & have 5 children between them. I’m sure their professional expertise, combined with their personal experiences as parents, will put them in a great position to offer us some really valuable, sound information.

So we can get to know them better, I’ll let them introduce themselves. I hope you’ll welcome their blogs & find them useful. If you have any requests on subjects you’d like them to cover, please let me know.

The very first Food For Thought blog will be out very soon.

Rebecca Hiscutt

Hi, I’m a nutrition consultant and run Relish Wellbeing which provides nutrition consultancy to individuals and nutrition and wellbeing consultancy to organisations. I’ve been working in nutrition for almost 20 years and love helping people to utilise the power of food to feel as happy and healthy as possible. Moose Hall is the beautiful location of our nutrition clinics where I provide personalised nutrition advice and support to individuals and families. I love being part of the Portishead community, running my business and bringing up our family here, so am thrilled to be working with Portishead Parent to share nutrition tips and food ideas for local families. We have 3 children so I absolutely understand the demands of trying to provide nourishing meals and snacks to a family which will help everyone feel great but will be eaten by everyone, be simple to prepare, inexpensive to make and often transportable!

Claire Ashley

I’m Dr Claire Ashley, and I am a GP Registrar currently living and working in Portishead. I am also a mother to 2 children: Lyla (nearly 4) and Arthur (aged 15 months). I am passionate about health promotion and disease prevention, and have recently set up my own website (www.medicmummy.com) to enable me to share information about health and fitness. There is also a lot of very conflicting and confusing advice about health and fitness on the internet, and it can be difficult to know what to trust. As both a doctor and a mother I am hoping through my website that I will be able to provide advice about family fitness, nutrition and health that is inspiring and motivating, whilst also being scientifically sound, evidence-based and up-to-date with current guidance. I do hope that you enjoy reading my blog, and if there’s anything that you would specifically like me to blog about then please get in touch.