It’s been a whole year since I launched Portishead Parent, & I can’t believe how time have flown by.

It’s probably a great time to reflect & see if I’ve actually achieved what I set out to do.

Connecting people
The whole point of the website, Facebook Page & Facebook Group is for people to make connections. Being a parent, particularly with a new baby, or subsequent new baby, can be – no actually is, a total life changing experience. Moving to a new area with your children can also be a challenge. I personally found the transition from toddler mum to primary school mum a big deal. I see parents connect with each other on the Facebook Group. I know parents love to know what’s going on, & it’s really important to ‘get out of the house’ for many reasons. Hopefully that first visit to a toddler group or class leads to connections between yourself & other parents, along with your little ones making friends too. As time goes on I hope people begin to feel connected to their community.

For me the website was never going to work without a big emphasis on community. The Help & Support pages are essential, as is the Baby/Toddler Weekly. Both of these pages do not include business advertising, as they have a very specific function. I work really hard to keep the Baby/Toddler Weekly up to date, as it’s the core of the website for me. Local charities & community groups have always enjoyed their logo, listing, weblink & events included for free & always will.



A business to fit around family life
After having my first baby I began volunteering at local groups & still love doing that. Many of you know me from Cafe MAMMA & NCT Bumps & Babies. It’s kept my mind working & I’ve made life long friends along the way. With the boys starting school I though it was time to see if I could find something else to fit around family life & school holidays. Working from home running Portishead Parent seemed a great idea. Something I was really passionate about & a small business – perfect. I’ve met loads of parents doing exactly the same. They have a passion for photography, crafts, beauty, exercise etc & have decided to turn their passion onto a small business. If you’re thinking about doing the same, then go for it! We’ve even set up a networking group to support each other & meet up each month. If you’d like to know more, please just email me.

I’ve made loads of changes over the year. I’ve added Useful Links & Exercise Class Timetable. I’ve changed page names, moved things around so you can find them easier & I guess I’ll continue to improve things. I’ve listened to your comments & suggestions & done my best to get it right.

Support from Local Businesses
Local businesses have been so supportive. For many small businesses, Portishead Parent enables them to connect with local parents for a small cost, when other advertising options are out of their reach. Being able to offer an affordable & effective way of connecting local businesses to their local customers is really important. You can see all my lovely businesses feature in the heart picture above.

What’s Next
I’ve been really pleased with how the first year has been & I’m so excited about what this year will bring. I’ll be adding a new Volunteers Page soon. This will include opportunities to volunteer in local groups supporting parents & their little ones, but also include other opportunities which are not child focused at all, so it should be a page everyone can use to get inspiration when thinking about offering a little bit of their time. Volunteering has become a big part of my life since becoming a parent, it was not something I had ever considered before. I’ve also recently trained as a Doula & I’m hoping to offer Postnatal Support to local mums/families in the near future, & maybe some antenatal support too. I really enjoyed the training & it was great to go ‘back to school’ myself for a bit – although a challenge to actually sit still.

Thank You for all your support over this year, & I’ll do my best to keep you up to date with everything over the year ahead.

My last Thank You goes to Kate Tierney – my fabulous website designer