The much longed for holiday has been booked, the kids are about to break up from school, it’s all go between the end of year school and community events and clearing our work desks the summer break could not come sooner.

Family holidays can be the best and worst times and getting sick whilst on holiday is just pure misery. The lead up to the holiday and travelling to a destination presents a myriad of stressors especially for parents, so start by looking after yourselves and get the holiday off to a healthy start.

Here’s our top tips to keep yourself and your family naturally healthy while you are on the go this summer…

“Sleep is overrated” said nobody ever (well no sane parent) but how many of us actually get enough, quality sleep? Being exhausted and stressed adds to the body’s burden. So many times I hear how people have come down with illness once they are on holiday, stress and lack of sleep over time weakens our immune system. It is as simple as that, get good rest and sleep leading up to your holiday and you will reap the benefits.

Eat well on the lead up to your holiday, upgrade your diet to organic, reduced sugar and whole foods. Prepare healthy snacks for the journey to avoid the temptation to buy overpriced, junk food at the airport. Remember to hydrate with plenty of water (especially if heading somewhere hot). A well nourished, hydrated body is less vulnerable to illness.

Aromatherapy oils are natures medicine, extracted from plants each oil has therapeutic qualities that can help both physically and psychologically, plus they contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives. Essential oils come in 10ml bottles so will not take up valuable space or weight in your suitcase!

Your holiday/home aromatherapy first aid kit:

  • Lavender oil – soothing, antiseptic and very useful in treating burns (apply neat* direct to the burn) or mix with Aloe Vera for an extra soothing aftersun. Lavender is also useful as a sleep aid.
  • Peppermint oil – for instant headache relief, travel sickness, also a useful decongestant
  • Citronella and eucalyptus – (used alone or mixed with other oils such as geranium and palmarosa) can be used to stop pesky mosquitoes biting.
  • A simple way to use essential oils as insect repellents is to fill a small spray bottle with water and add up to 30 drops of your chosen essential oil(s). Spray as necessary to keep the bugs at bay.
  • Tea tree – in case you do get bitten tea tree is a powerful antiseptic & antibacterial, a dab of this directly onto the bite will help sooth and prevent infection.
  • White tea eye gel with soothing aloe Vera and antioxidant white tea, helps reduce puffiness and dark circles, excellent for reducing irritated eyes with hay fever.
  • A jar of arnica salve – useful for temporary relief from aches, sprains and bruises
  • Travel remedy to roll to help prevent travel sickness
  • Finally Relax remedy to roll to help with the stress of the journey and kickstart your relaxing holiday!

*N.B Lavender & Tea tree essential oils are the only oils that can be applied directly to the skin

If you are pregnant, for children under 3 or are taking medication we suggest you seek the advice of an Aromatherapist before using essential oils

Tara Persson, Aromatherapist & owner at Thea Wellbeing

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