We’re really lucky to have a great leisure centre & other local fitness centres right on our doorstep. With a click of a button we can check out timetables & make a plan of action to get ourselves fit. But we also have a wealth of independent instructors offering years of experience, bags of enthusiasm & that little something extra.

Our local independent instructors also run their classes at venues such as Portishead Youth Centre, Childrens Centre, School Halls & Community Halls. The hall hire charges put a valuable amount of cash into places who are often desperately in need of additional funds. Alan the manager of Portishead Youth Centre told me “The funds raised from both one-off events & regular weekly hall hire, provide us with vital funds. Without the support of our local community using us for these things, we would not be able to provide the services to young people”

Yoga Mat

I started thinking more about this subject after recently retuning to a class I’d previously been doing a few years ago. It was my first time back, & there were a few familiar faces & a few new ones waiting in the studio at Portishead Youth Centre. The ladies were chatting about how one of them had just retuned after recovering from a major operation & it was her first session back today. Then in walked the instructor Nic Devonshire carrying a bunch of beautiful roses which she gave to the lady as a welcome back gift.

I was chatting to an instructor who recently started a new type of class & numbers were a little low. Rather than cancel the classes she decided to offer them at her home until numbers grew enough to move back to a community hall. Another local instructor had moved abroad & been away for quite a while, she was a little worried about starting up again, thinking everyone would now be happy doing other classes. It wasn’t long before both old fans & new were making her classes very popular again.

It’s the personal touch that they can offer, which makes you decide to come back again week after week & to tell your friends to come along & join in the fun too, as I think it’s got to be fun or what’s the point. I must say, I’m actually having fun starting my new journey to get fit. If you’re thinking about improving your fitness, why not give these ladies a try.

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